About Us

The Livermore Pleasanton Firefighter Foundation (LPFF)

Who We Are

The LPFF is comprised of members of the Livermore Pleasanton Firefighters IAFF Local 1974, LPFD Command Staff, as well as LPFD Reserve Firefighters. The LPFF is our conduit for non-profit work in our community and beyond.

Our Mission

The LPFF is a non-profit organization created to support injured and fallen firefighters, police officers, EMS personnel, and their families both locally and abroad. We also support several similarly aligned charities to include the Taylor Family Foundation, Firefighters Burn Institute, and the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation to name a few. The LPFF is steadfastly committed to the future of the fire service with scholarships for those who express the desire to carry on in our proud tradition of public service.

Our Early Years

The LPFF was born after Fire Captain Scott Walsh suffered a career-ending, traumatic fall while fighting a fire at the Pleasanton Transfer station on May 1, 2006. In attempting to provide support to the Walsh family, the complexities of providing for injured first responders and their families became evident. Three members of IAFF Local 1974 worked tirelessly to get the Livermore-Pleasanton Firefighters Foundation registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit in order to better provide financially for those in need. Those three Local 1974 Members would become the first Board Members of the LPFF.

After establishing the LPFF’s non-profit status, The Board set out to fundraise in fun and active ways with our community and local businesses. The Hook & Ladder Run would become our flagship event and was integral in establishing the LPFF and engaging with our community. The Board grew to five members in 2011 and, with the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, jointly launched the first Fire Safety Expo/Pancake Breakfast in October 2012. Not long after, the LPFF hosted a softball tournament in 2014. Through hard work and community partnerships the LPFF also designed and built a custom BBQ Trailer that allows to use our love for cooking to help us generate revenue, cater for large events and give back to our community.


Transitional times have seen a shift in the LPFF event lineup with the hiatus of the H&L Run and the establishment of several new community events. Our BBQ Trailer has become a staple at the Livermore Downtown Festival where we love cooking sandwiches for the community in support of our Mission. We have also began to sell pancakes for the spectators at the Livermore Rodeo Parade. The LPFF partners with the Livermore Police Department to make hot dogs for guests of the LPD Trick or Treat Trail. Our “Blazin Bocce” tournament rounds out our event lineup each fall! We are constantly looking for new and creative ways to support Our Mission and are exploring the possibility for a return of the H&L Run in 2021!